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We carry many products to provide our customers the convienence of picking up supplies when they get their pet groomed.

We carry top line pet foods, supplements, toys, leashes & collars, and many other pet related items.

Quality Pet Foods - We carry high quality pet foods brands such as Wellness and Solid Gold

Health Aids - We carry a variety of pet health aids to help conditions such as Arthritis, Digestion, Allergies, Skin Conditions, Hips & joints including Solid Gold Seameal, and Yucca.

Breath Aids - We carry a variety of breath aids from treats, to supplements, to water additives to help sweeten your pets breath.

Treats - In addition to a variety of Solid Gold treats we carry pig ears, chew hooves, biscuits and others.

Shampoos & Conditioners - We carry Natures Specialties all natural products. We have different shampoos for different conditions: Flea control, skin allergies, detanglers, and sensitive skins.

Flea Control - We sell items to aid in flea control such as Advantage and carpet powders.

We also carry  Pet stain removers, Leashes & Collars, and Toys.